Update from the TBC police

Good day TBC Community,

We have always promised to keep our valuable members safe from any kind of scam. As TBC Police it is our job to alert you and keep you updated so that your coins will stay secured in your wallets.

You have seen many advertisements recently concerning TBC Trade Fairs & Seminars. We urge all our valuable members not to participate in any of these activities especially those requesting to pay an entrance fee or a membership fee. Kindly abide by our request for the following reasons:

1- These so called Trade Fairs are charging you entrance fees because they know that you are eager to spend your kringles and get products in exchange. The problem happens after you pay the fee and enter the fair, you will be surprised that nothing is there as mentioned in the advertisement. The products will be different & the price that is being asked is too high. You will be disappointed and leave with frustration.

2- All of us know that TBC transaction are not confirming at the moment and all wallets are disabled. So we can’t be fooled by any Trade Fair that promises us with any sale.

3- Your Coins/Kringles are more valuable than any product at the moment. We advise you to hold on to them as much as possible. Don’t be eager to spend them now because you will regret it in the future.

4- All members should follow TBC Admin and his Blog posts only. Do not believe any news coming from outside the blog. Many scammers are trying to get your coins by posting rumors and fake exchangers / trade fairs to steal your coins or even your wallets.

5- Wait for the fiat exchanger that is expected to happen very soon. Get your 100 referrals and help others to reach their goals. Spread the word about TBC and ask all new members to follow the Billion Coin Blog only.

TBC Police will always work with members to keep their investments secured.

Always remember that TBC is a long term investment and it’s here to end worldwide poverty. So please don’t be in a hurry to spend your coins. Be patient because

"Good things come to those who wait."

Stay Safe

TBC Police

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