Zimbabwe Equities Are Almost More Bitcoin Than Bitcoin

The problem is getting your money out. After some serious hyperinflation, the country abandoned its own currency in favor of the U.S. dollar in 2009, and it has become increasingly more difficult to extract capital. Foreign investors have been trapped in their holdings for most of this year, unable to exit or cash in what look like huge profits. Stocks have become Zimbabwe's version of Bitcoin. Meanwhile, Bitcoin's version of Zimbabwe seems to be having a good day. 
All That Glitters
The 60% fall from 2013 to 2016 reflects concerns about the real economy, but the recent jump reflects a panic for liquid assetsLook before you leap. Zimbabwe's political shake-up isn't exactly the first step on the road to investment. 
A jump of 390 percent year-to-date in the benchmark Zimbabwe Industrial Index, which has a market capitalization of $14.5 billion and excludes mining companies, looks fabulous news for frontier funds invested in what used to be called Africa's bread-basket. It's held on to those gains even as the military seizes power. It might be tempting to watch for a dip as a buying opportunity.

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