Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Digital Crypto Currency Details and its value in Future

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Market Cap – $42.2 Billion

Token Price – $2,496

Brief Explanation – Digital Currency

What Is Bitcoin Cash? – A hard fork of the original Bitcoin, that operates with an increased block size but without the Segwit upgrade that Bitcoin has

Who Are Bitcoin Cash’s Competitors?– Bitcoin, Dash, NEM, Litecoin etc.

Unique Selling Point –Possesses a block size limit of 8MB, compared to the original Bitcoin’s 1MB, allowing an 8x higher on-chain transaction speed (without accounting for Segwit).

Extra Point #1 – Bitcoin cash may have an increased block size compared to Bitcoin but they have refused to implement Segwit on the network. As a result, Bitcoin Cash will be unable to implement some 2nd layer upgrades such as The Lightning Network. Without such an important upgrade, we don’t believe that Bitcoin Cash will ever be fast enough to function as a global, decentralised currency.

Extra Point #2 – Bitcoin Cash is positioned very highly in the market. However, many people believe that much of the reasoning behind this is simply because of their name – and not their technology – as they carry the Bitcoin name, investors are more keen to invest in the project.


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