EOS Digital Currency


Market Cap – $5.40 Billion

Token Price – $9.36

Brief Explanation – Decentralised App Platform

What Is EOS? – A platform which will enables vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications on Web Assembly. Supporters joke that the acronym stands for “Ethereum on Steroids”

Who Are EOS’ Competitors? – Ethereum, NEO, EOS, Lisk,

Cardano and more Unique Selling Point –The capability to process millions of transactions per second through horizontal scaling, far more than the likes of Ethereum (15 per second) and even NEO (1,000 per second)Extra Point 

EOS is considered to potentially become one of the top contenders to Ethereum over the next couple of years. With 2018 being the year of their platform release, EOS could be one to watch in the near future


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