Ethereum Classic (ETC) Crypto Digital Currency

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Market Cap – $3.47 Billion

Token Price – $35.11

Brief Explanation – Decentralised App Platform

What Is Ethereum Classic? – Ethereum Classic formed as a fork of Ethereum after a controversial decision carried out by the core Ethereum developers in 2015. ETH Classic followers believe ‘the code is law’ i.e. a smart contract should never be overriden. Recently, there has been discussion of ETH classic pivoting to focus on the Internet of Things

Who Are Ethereum Classic’s Competitors? – Ethereum, NEO, Lisk, IOTA, EOS

Unique Selling Point – Appeals to “crypto idealists” who felt the hard fork went against the whole point of the blockchain. ETH classic followers believe that, once a smart contract has been deployed, the terms of it must be carried out exactly as stipulated


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