IOTA (MIOTA) Digital Crypto Currency


Market Cap – $11.4 Billion (1.08% of global data)
Token Price – $1.83 (22/02/2018)
Brief Explanation – Digital Currency for the ‘Internet of Things’
What Is IOTA? – A cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of Things, IOTA operates using ‘Tangle’ technology as opposed to the blockchain which is used for virtually every single other Crypto
Who Are IOTA’s Competitors? – N/A. Future projects targeting the ‘Internet of Things’ will be competitors e.g. the current Hdac ICO
Unique Selling Point – IOTA’s use of Tangle technology has three significant advantages over blockchain cryptocurrencies; the oretically, it’s infinitely scalable, has zero fees and cannot be hacked by quantum computers – a concern for blockchains over the next few years. Some describe the Tangle Technology as the future ‘Blockchain Killer’ but viewers should be aware that the Tangle tech is incredibly new and it’s very hard to predict the validity of these claims at this current time
Extra Point – IOTA’s team previously made a relatively beginner mistake in their code which could have been highly damaging for the project if it had not been highlighted to them. With these 2 extra points in mind, we believe that the biggest stumbling block for IOTA could potentially be the team. In spite of that though, we are big fans of the project and believe that they will have a great 2018.

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