NEO Digital Crypto Currency


Market Cap – $5.53 Billion

Token Price – $85.1

Brief Explanation – Decentralised App Platform

What Is NEO? – 

NEO is a decentralised app platform often referred to as ‘China’s answer to Ethereum’.  NEO token holders receive GAS by holding NEO with GAS being the actual fuel of the platform Who Are NEO’s Competitors? 

Ethereum, Qtum, Lisk, and more Unique Selling Point

 – The transaction speed of NEO is superior than many of its competitors

– 1,000 per second compared to Ethereum’s 15 per second.Extra Point 

– It should be noted that NEO has pivoted away from the idea of being ‘China’s answer to Ethereum’ in light of China’s recent announcements to ban ICOs and Cryptocurrency exchanges. However, any lift in these Chinese regulations would surely be hugely positive for the price of NEO

– smart investors should pay close attention to this.

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