QTUM crypto Digital currency

Qtum (QTUM)

Market Cap – $4.51 Billion

Token Price – $61.1

Brief Explanation – A Bitcoin & Ethereum Hybrid

What Is QTUM? – QTUM will be a proof-of-stake Ethereum that runs on Bitcoin’s blockchain. Due to its hybrid nature, QTUM has the abilities of both Bitcoin & Ethereum and will be able to take advantage of future upgrades for both e.g. QTUM has already implemented Segwit (Bitcoin) and can add both Lightning Network (Bitcoin) and Raiden (Ethereum) upgrades in the future

Who Are QTUM’s Competitors? – Ethereum, NEO, Lisk and more

Unique Selling Point – Qtum can take advantage of both Bitcoin and Ethereum upgrades, meaning it theoretically has the largest development team of all Cryptocurrencies


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