RaiBlocks (XRB) Crypto Digital Currency

RaiBlocks (XRB)

Market Cap – $4.24 Billion

Token Price – $31.8

Brief Explanation – Feeless digital curreny

What Is RaiBlocks? – Raiblocks is a digital currency which uses DAG technology – similar to IOTA – instead of the traditional blockchain. Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, Raiblock’s block lattice structure means that each account has its own blockchain. As a result, Raiblocks carries several advantages as we will discuss in the ‘Unique Selling Points’ section

Who Are RaiBlock’s Competitors? – Bitcoin, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin etc.

Unique Selling Point –  Feeless and incredibly fast. Similar to IOTA, Raiblocks solves many of the problems seen with current Cryptocurrencies by providing the technology to carry out very fast and cheap transactions.


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