Best 20 Google adsense Alternative Highly Paying Websites For Publishers

Top 20 Google Adsense Alternatives 2014 - High Paying

Since it itself establishes that Google AdSenseis become the world's finest advertising program where advertisers and also publishers tend to be busy and also happy in ads serving.Most of newbies only depends upon adsense regarding monetization even though its not good and furthermore apply their own blogs to get approved adsense account. On some other side, Adsense network keeps growing day by day and their own policies are also being quite strict by which newbies are not able to get an adsense authorized approved account. Even pre approved blogs also got banned due to a little policy violence.
So, newbies were got disappointed at the time and lose hope of creating a good blog and many times quit blogging too. But delay, world will not end right here, take slightly usual daily life example. If you're buying a thing on any shop; just suppose of any mobile and it is not on that shop than everything you do at that time? You probably check out another shop as you will be in mobile market. Thus, if adsense is just not giving anyone ads regarding monetization than you possibly can go regarding other alternate options. Well, you may well be new and don't know regarding other alternate options so here's a list of some adsense alternate options that serve high payings to the publishers. So let's check out the list.

1. BuySellAds
It is the biggest and most popular alternative of adsense and also can be use along with adsense ads. Most of the popular blogs useing this advertising network too. You just need to get approval for your blog and if someone is interested to advertise on your blog then he can buy the particular ad slot of a month or more. It can serve you a lot of earnings.

2. Infolinks
Mostly Bloggers use InfoLinks to monetize their textual content. Bloggers writes lots of contents and Infolinks monetize the whole text of the page. It shows the relative ads when mouse placed on the specific targeted keyword on the page. It pays for every impression so this is great option of all bloggers.

3. Media.Net
Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network also known as You can also make money from your blog with by displaying their ads on your blog. It provides text ads relative to your blog posts. It is also high paying and most rapidly growing ads network.

4. Chitika 
Chitika is almost same as adsense as it display both image and text ads. Payments are easily made with PayPal and if PayPal is not reachable for you than you can use Check method to receive payment via Check.

5. PeerFly
Peerfly is something what that can help you to earn high budget in less traffic. This is completely different from all above networks and also from adsense. You need to choose any specific category and display your niche ad banner of a particulr third party. Every people reached, you got earnings.

6. Kontera 

Cost per click based ad network which contains In-Text, Mobile and Display Ads. Minimum payment threshold $50 with PayPal, Wire and Check payment methods.

7. Clicksor  

In-Text Ads, Text Banners, Display, Pop up and Interstitial ad types can be found in this network. Minimum threshold $50 and Payment time is net 15 days.

8. Bidvertiser 

CPC based target text banner ads and also display ads. Net 30 days payment time with $10 minimum threshold with PayPal. Wire Transfer and Western Union are also available.

9. Qadabra 

Only display ads Qadabra has and pays on CPM. Minimum threshold is only $1 with PayPal and $500 with Wire Transfer. 

10. Link Worth 

This network has many type of ads including Targeted text, display, sponsored posts and also In-Text. Payments are made after every 30 days and minimum threshold is $25 with PayPal and $100 with Wire Transfer.

11. PublicityClerks 

 This is direct ad banner buying and selling network just same as BuySellAds. You'll be paid when any advertiser will buy ad slot on your blog for 30 days. Payments are only made with PayPal.

12. MadAdsMedia  

Cost Per Mile based ad network that pays on 1000 impressions. It provides lot of popular advertising networks ads so that you got highest cost for the impression. 

13. AdSide Media

 Target text, Mobile, In-Image, In-Video, Pop-unders ad types with $50 minimum payment threshold with Check.

14. Vibrant Media 

Screen takeover, In-Text, In-Image and Display ad types are available in this network $50 minimum threshold by check and wire transfer. Payment time is net 45 days.

15. Intellilinks 

In-text ads only with PayPal payment method and 30 days net payment time.

16. BlogAds  

Direct banner ads selling and buying network where you can sell your ad slots for 30 days. Ad slot prices are your own choice and payments are made with PayPal and Wire Transfer.

17. Tribal Fusion

Seems the best CPM ad network and perfect alternative of adsense. The earnings are high on this network being a member their may be difficult. Minimum payment is $100 with PayPal and Wire Transfer. 

18. Casale Media 

This is also CPM based ad network that pays on impressions. It can be perfect adsense alternative for you if you get approved there but they only select high traffic sites. $25 minimum payment with PayPal and Check.

19. ShareASale

Cost Per Action based affiliate ad network that pays on completing an action. 

20. Exit Junction 

Pop-under based ad network that display ads when any visitor leaves your website popup ads comes and pays on when someone clicks on ads. 

Final Words:

I listed the top 20 best high paying adsense alternatives. If you are not getting approval from adsense then you can go with any of the above alternatives till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Advertising.

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