Change Language of Blogger Dashboard

How to Change Default Blogger Dashboard Language

Everyone has their own settings with regard to what they are making use of and what they are not. Blogger dashboard by default uses the British language (either UK or US) which is often changed easily to every other languages similar to Spanish, French and etc. Recently, considered one of our people asked us The best way to Change the Language of Blogger Dashboard? Blogger can be found in more than 100 languages so that it might aid users to be aware of Blogger with less effort though their particular native language. In this post, we will reveal How to change the default language of your blogger dashboard. So lets start the tutorial.
You can change blogger dashboard language by two methods. Lets check both of them.

Method 1 :

Login to Your Blogger Account.You will see English as your dashboard language on the top right corner of the page as below screenshot :

Just click on that Dropdown and select your preferred language.That;s it. You are Done!

Method 2 :

If you are too lazy to do a lot of steps, then you can follow an alternative method by directly visiting “Blogger Language Choose Page” and can simply select the preferred language from the drop down list. Once everything is done press “Save Settings” to complete.

You can also use this method to change your blogger dashboard language.

Just go to Blogger Language Page: will seen a screen like below:

Now Select your suitable native language and click Save Changes.You are Done now!

Final Touches:

This is an very easy tutorial for Beginners to enjoy Blogger in their native language and do awesome things easily. Now It;s your turn to share this post with your friends and write your views in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Changing.

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