Change Links Colour in Blogger

How to Change Links Color in Blogger?

Being a blogger you must got worried about your website design and appearance. There are lots of professional blogger templates together with custom patterns and format. But not really a single template comes with 100% fulfilment. We need to customize them to give a real look which we want to show to the readers. Obviously blog site design is the very first thing that encourage readers to stay longer on our blog to learn to read more content present on our blog. Best layout with excellent text font as well as link color makes our blog additional professional looking. When we use custom templates in our blog site, we must customize it according to our need like changing text fonts, font measurement, hyperlink coloration etc. This is exactly why to produce things possible for newbie web owners today I bring a tutorial on how you can change Hyperlink color in Blogspot blog.

How to Change HyperLinks Color?

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to change the hyperlinks color in your blogger blog:

Go to your Blogger account.Navigate to Template > Edit HTML.Now press Ctrl+F and search <b:skin> in your template.Click on black arrow to expand the code.

Now look at the CSS code of hyperlink in your template which something look like this:

  • Now edit a { color:#0084CE; } with that color you want to use for hyperlinks.
  • Edit a:visited {color: #289728;} to change color of visited link.
  • Preview and save the template.
  • That's it.

You can use this color codes tool to get hexadecimal code of your favorite color. 

In the Last:

This is an easy and small tutorial to change hyperlink color of blogger blog and I hope you successfully did it. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and write your views in commnets till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Colouring.

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