Change Number Of Post Displayed on Blogger Homepage

How to Change Number Of Posts Displayed On Homepage in Blogger?

Adjusting number of articles that screen on blogger homepage plays an essential role inside Search engine optimization. We ought to need to get heal to select appropriate number of articles showing on homepage to increase website loading speed. If we all does this specific oversight showing large number of articles on homepage then our blog takes lot of time to load and hated by visitors. Which means we've to screen minimum articles on blog homepage in our blogger blog so that also people having slow internet connection can visit our blog and it also increase our blog reputation. It is very easy task to limit number of posts displayed on homepage but many newbies did not know it and hence we create this tutorial for them. So lets start the tutorial.

How To Change Number Of Posts On Home Page In Blogger

So This is not a difficult job to keep specific posts on home page area in blogger. You will have to follow the below simple steps to do the customization. Follow the given steps correctly.

Go To Blogger Dashboard:Click on Your Desire Blog:Click on Posts and Comments:Now write number of posts you want to display:Now click on save setting: You done almost:

 Try to keep minimum posts from 5 to 7 on your home page. It speed up your blog lading speed.

In the Last:

I hope you successfully limit your posts showing on homepage and understand its benefits. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and write your views in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Limiting.

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