Disable Image Lightbox in Blogger

How to Disable Image Lightbox in Blogger Blogs

Nowadays I am sharing tutorials for Beginners and today I am going to share how to disable or turn off image lighbox in blogger and in case you are wondering what's this lightbox. Here is an answer for you when we click on post images on our blogger blogs we discover that images take out and also the page at the rear of fades available in mild black color. Lightbox is pre-enabled in all blogger blogs, however we often try to turn off this effect in our blog and try to find out its code it blogger template. But it simply can be disable by blogger settings tab. Image Lightbox Effect is also useful for some bloggers sharing wallpapers etc. but some bloggers wants to remove it so lets check how to remove this lightbox effect from your blogger blog.

How To Disable Image Lightbox In Blogger Blogs :

Login to your blogger blog and select your blog from the list of blogs.

Once you have picked your blog, click on Settings >> Posts and Comments. See below image to get a clear idea.

Now see under the heading of posts, there is a label "open images in the Lightboxwhich is Yes by default select No from the drop down and click on save settings button to complete the process. See below screenshot:

Congratulations, you have successfully turned off a  image lighbox from your blog. 

In the Last:

So that's an easy tutorial to disable images lightbox in blogger blogspot blogs. Now It's your turn to write about this post in comments till then Happy Disabling.

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