Facebook Image Uploader Script on Natilus

A new image uploader for facebook has been published. It is for Ubuntu only. You can upload single or multiple image easily via natilus (file browser) to your facebook wall or on existing album or create a new album.

How to use this 'Nautilus Facebook Image Uploader' application?
First of all download a archive file from gtk-apps.orgExtract that compressed file.Ope the folder Double click on the install.sh file Choose 'Run' when prompt.Facebook image uploader script has been installed. Now if you right click any image/ photo on your hard disk, a menu containing 'Scripts' will open. Go through 'Scripts' sub menu and choose 'Upload to Facebook'

You will have to 'Authorize' it on first run. A new tab will open and redirect to Facebook ( you should log in Facebook if you're not logged in).
Now click the 'Allow' button. Finally, you have to select where to upload the images (on album or wall) and click 'Upload". Your selected photos will now be uploaded to Facebook.

If you are a Firefox user, 'Authorisation' process may not work. Use other browser at first use or get a Firefox patch from here.

* Tested on a Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 Desktop Edition Fresh Install by script author.

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