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Virtual Coin VC

With professional Scrypt mining hardware on the way it is time to look for the best alternative hashing solution that will keep crypto currency within reach of everyone. ASIC Scrypt miners look to be expensive and may result in Scrypt coins being mined by professional companies. There may be a time when Scrypt is mined only by the few who can afford to invest heavily. This breaks the decentralization at the heart of crypto currency. KNc plans to bring out their 250MH Scrypt ASIC by Q2/Q3.

For Virtual Coin we decided to follow the X11 hashing solution. We would recommend that others follow this lead, the more support for X11 out there the better the tools will be. X11 may well become the most popular GPU hashing solution out there. We hope to get Hirocoin in a prominent place when this time comes. GPU miners having to leave Bitcoin gave a huge boost to Scrypt based coins like Litecoin. When GPU miners leave Scrypt they will look for an efficient alternative and X11 is what they are looking for.

X11 uses the following for complex hashing, blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd and echo. There is GPU mining software available for X11 which makes it a suitable hashing solution. CPU only coins quickly become run by botnets and virtual machines with large numbers of vCPUs. GPU mining protects against this sort of unfair mining. Because of the complexity in X11 it is unlikely that we would see an ASIC for it any time soon, keeping coins that choose X11 to be mined on common and affordable hardware, therefore decentralising the hash power as originally intended by Satoshi.
X11 Scrypt based as proof of work scheme. Our aim is to compete in real world by introducing user access to this coin at Bitcoin based ATM machines worldwide instead of just another alt coin traded online for Litecoins or Bitcoins. We are against any pump & dump or similar schemes.


Block Explorer / Crawler
None Available.

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PoW Scrypt X11 AlgoBlock targets: every block~3 million total coinsInitial difficulty: 1/2^10Maturity time: 4Target Spacing: 3 minsTarget Difficulty Retargets: VGW (Virtual Gravity Well)



1 : 502> Block reward is controlled by: (1112.0 / (pow((dDiff+51.0)/6.0,2.0)))Additionally reward amount decline 20% every year



None Available.


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