Why Do Business and Invest in Cryptocurrency

Why Do Business & Invest in Crypto Currency?
We see Cryptocurrency succeeded in winning the hearts of many good investors from the lower classes to the top.
Often we encounter news from within and abroad many World Class Rich people invest their funds in Cryptocurrency and it's good there are hundreds of Cryptocurrency that run since 2009 none of which Scam until now. Because Cryptocurrency is more like a commodity like gold.

Some things that make Cryptocurrency much in demand by the World Investor:
· Cryptocurrency as the currency whose value is determined by supply and demand. Despite the fluctuating price movements like stocks and forex but one thing that makes Cryptocurrency safer than both is in Cryptocurrency there is no bankrupt like stock that is largely determined by the growth of the company in the market other than that Cryptocurrency no word Margin Call because while we are not Sell ​​it at a lower price then our coins will stay the same and wait for the high price. 

· Cryptocurrency is GLOBAL no Cryptocurrency used in only 1 country must be used in some countries. Because in essence Cryptocurrency as a means of payment across the country. This can expand the currency market itself to encourage a growth in value supported by increasing demand. 

·     Cryptocurrency is not a flat income that offers a percentage percentage per month. Because the fluctuations in value are determined by the increase and decrease in the number of demand and supply in the market. Many of the world's rich people are created from this price boom. They buy cheaply and sell it with more expensive folding.

·   If you want to do Cryptocurrency Business there are 2 factors that make Cryptocurency potentially have a price increase. The first factor is system marketing and the second factor is the market needs. If Cryptocurrency has one or both of these factors then YOU MUST HAVE A CRYPTOCURRENCY SAVINGS

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