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The goal of ionomy.com is to make it easy for any user to discover digital currency and learn how to use it. The intuitively designed platform makes learning about ION easy from the start. The platform works on mobile and desktop so it’s accessible to nearly everyone and everywhere.

Players receive token called “electrons” to reward their accomplishments in solo games and in sponsored tournaments. The electrons encourage increased engagement because they can be used in games and on the ionomy.com platform. On the website, they will be a coveted asset because they help investors earn ION more quickly. As players engage with ionomy.com through the platform and social games, they earn reputation opening up further incentives and opportunities to redeem reward.

The ionomy.com platform also offer a full featured financial platform that’s easy to use. Web-based wallets for both ION and Bitcoin (BTC) make it easy for users to store, send, and receive coin. Users can deposit ION into staking wallets to get more ION at fixed rates of return, paid daily. Users can trade Bitcoin and ION on a live exchange available on launch. The platform also allows instant conversion from most cryptocurrencies directly to ION.

In addition to the web wallets on ionomy.com, individuals can store their ION on local private wallets. They are built for all major operating system. Anyone with their own wallet can earn ION staking rewards by keeping ION in their wallet and keeping their wallet connected to the internet. Intermediate and advanced users with 20,000 ION can host “masternodes.” Both wallets and masternodes help maintain and secure the network. They are rewarded with ION for that work. See the ION technical white paper for details.


The ionomy is for everyone. It’s not limited by geography. Any user with access to a current mobile device and the internet can join to take full advantage of the platform and its offerings. Gamers, developers, traders, crypto enthusiasts, and investors can all find options and features that cater to their interests.

The ionomy.com platform appeals to gamers of all levels of familiarity with cryptocurrency, allowing them to leverage the value of ION. In-game advantages and avenues to monetary rewards are universally exciting. It’s easy to join and start earning more ION. ionomy.com bridges the gap between complexity of cryptocurrency and the easy familiarity of mobile gaming. The combination of investment opportunities and gaming will attract users with varying experience and interests.

For developers:
ionomy.com is a community hub for programmers, designers, and content creators interested in integrating ION and ionomy.com tokens through in-app purchases, achievement rewards, upgrades, and subscriptions. We aim to make it easy to integrate our APIs, collaborate with talent to optimize games, and quickly crowdfund and deploy new projects.

For traders and investors:
ionomy.com’s integrated financial, gaming, and social platforms provide both basic investment opportunities through staking and trading as well as advanced opportunities through gaming and social participation. Exchange pairs will exist for every component in the staker fueling process, including ION/BTC and an electrons market. Additional markets, trading pairs, and currencies will be added as the ION economy grows. ION, the digital currency, also offers opportunities for investors to grow their assets through independently operated QT wallets and masternodes.


The social dimension of the platform is the nexus of the gaming community and financial investor community involved in ION. Investors and gamers can use the integrated social features of the platform including individual profiles, stats, and customizable staker skins to show off their accomplishments and collections within the ionomy community. By encouraging social engagement and friendly community rivalry, we aim to make the platform fun, attractive, and a place users want to visit often.

Multiple avenues of payout and currencies offer flexibility for users who want to earn BTC without the middle step of conversion at the exchange. However, by selecting ION as the payout option for various products on the platform, users gain additional upside in the forms of reduced maintenance, higher reward rates, as well as discounts on new stakers, products in the ionomy.com store, and in-game purchases.

The ionomy team understands that the people who hold ION and play the games we release are the most important asset — and they are in the best position to help the ION economy grow. The company has an official affiliate program as well as a system of informal rewards for existing users who introduce new users to the platform.

As newly recruited members engage in the platform, affiliate earnings accumulate in the form of improved gaming reputation, which leads to new levels of game play and cryptocurrency rewards in ION. Word of mouth, and “word of fun” growth is an effective tool to ensure a solid and expanding customer base. Offering products that are engaging and lead to social and platform rewards incentivize social and sharing behavior within and beyond the userbase.

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