Start bulk software license selling Business by $2000 Investment

Start bulk software license selling Business by $2000 Investment

If you have problem with your business start-up fund then you can start Software Volume License Key selling Business with small investment. 

This is very good and profitable business and anybody can start and run this business from home. Even you don’t need to go through any legal procedures to start this business. 

The popularity of digital goods specially demand of software increasing day by day. Most of the professional and home user wants to use software, games and any digital products legally and in cheap price. Not only software but also business and accounting software license, privileged user management software, steam CD key and Game keys. But purchasing a software from a shop you may find expensive but after purchasing a software key you can download it from developer website and this will help you to use the software legally comparatively in cheap rate. 

Most of the software can be download in trial version and after inserting the key this can be convert into full version. So here is the main game. Without selling software CD or DVD we can sell software’s CD key and this can be a good business for you. 

Generally in various ecommerce site we can see the higher demand of security software and to start your software licensing deals Business simply you can choose this niche. This is an online based risk free business. 

Demand of security software Business 

There are always high demand of security software especially anti-virus. A company always wants to secure the internal data. Additionally, global teams are becoming more prevalent in today's businesses. Because of this, businesses will have an increasing number of access points. 

Global collaboration and the increasing amount of freelancers and independent contractors leads to increasing concerns about the IT system’s safety and security. 

For some industries in the U.S., there are rules that each business has to adhere to. To avoid lawsuits or penalties because of data breaches, organization has to manage user information access to keeping important data systems protected. So here has high demand of security software. 

Moreover, there are significant number of home users are now using security software to protect their personal computer from miscellaneous attack. And this indicates that demand of security software rapidly increased in both sectors. 

And based on this demand we have a better opportunity to start bulk software licensing deals Business. 

Start bulk software license selling Business by $2000 Investment
Source: a Gaming CD Key selling site

Beside of software there are also a biggest market of video games. You will find many website where they are selling gaming CD key in cheap rate. This is really a good business.

Why should you start this business? 

Establishment of this business is very easy and without any physical appearance this business can manage. Beside of this there many advantages to start bulk software licensing deals Business. 

  1. Business can be run from home. 
  2. Initial investment is very low. 
  3. Not any formalities required to establish this business. 
  4. With an automated eCommerce website you can sell your product automatically. 
  5. You don’t have to deliver physical product. 
  6. Because of Digital product it can be deliver instantly. 
  7. Almost zero risk factor involve with this business. 

Initial fund requirement to start Volume license key selling business 

This is very low investment business that can be manage from anywhere. Even by using only your Smartphone you can manage your business. At the beginning you can invest $500 to $1000 to buy bulk license key of a software. Beside of this you need some other staff like below.

We cannot guarantee that the price information is 100% correct. We have just tried to give you a business idea. In real world startup cost may require more or less. 

What you will need to start volume key re-selling business? 

This is very simple home based business and it doesn’t require high investment and formalities. Just you need the following things. 

1. Business Plan 

A business plan is mandatory for starting any small to large business. However this business doesn’t required any critical business thinking. You can make plan about initial investment, finding the sources of clients and how to promote your business to boost the sell. 

2. Website 

Website will work for branding your business. Attractive website with adequate information will build the trust of your business. Though this business can be manage from home but for branding you should design your site properly by a professional designer. 

3. Define your Niche 

This business doesn’t have any special niche but if you want to focus on particular category of software then choosing specific category would be wise decision. You can categorize your business by software basis. 
  • System Software 
  • Security Software 
  • Gaming 
  • Streaming etc. 
If you want to focus on system software like Windows, Mac operating system then start with this for your business. On the other hand if you would like to work with security software like various anti-virus then sell this types of software’s license key. 

4. Social media page 

Most of the clients you will find in social media pages. So try to promote your site on various social media sites to get customer. This types of customer mainly looking for legal software in cheap rate and majority customer would be savvy students. So join in various Facebook group and promote your digital product. 

5. Bulk License key 

Most software is protected under intellectual property law, this means nobody is allowed to reproduce and sell from unauthorized source. There are many software company like Microsoft and different security software like Kaspersky, McAfee, and Symantec offer bulk license for the users. So in this case you can purchase bulk license for 25 or 50 users and later you can sell it single license to different customers. Suppose you have bought Symantec protection for Small business for 25 users by $700 and now your each license key price would be $28. And you can sell each license key by $35, so here you can make profit $7 from each license key. And the total sells will be 25 users X $35 = $875 but you buying price is $700. So ultimately you are making profit $175. 

Through this procedure you can make profit from bulk license deals. However you can also create custom package for your client with your bulk license. 

6. Legal Issue 

There is not any legal issue to manage this business but if you want to sell Microsoft’s volume license then you must follow some rules. Because Microsoft software must be sell through OEM or Retails or Volume licensing and Microsoft sell their license through OEM channel only. Most of the cases Hardware vendor can sell the software with their PC. So here has legal issue to sell Microsoft software. To get proper information please read each software company’s rules of regulations. 

In Summary 

Bulk software licensing deals Business seems to me low investment start-up and anybody can do this business. Even you don’t need any special training. From a personal computer or Laptop you can manage your business. 

Start bulk software license selling Business by $2000 Investment
Start bulk software license selling Business by $2000 Investment

Even from your Smartphone you can conduct your business and manage clients. Students can start this business if they need extra monthly income. 

You can share your opinion in the comments below! 

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