Make money from Facebook | Easy way to earn money from Facebook | Best affiliate marketing tips 2020

Make money from Facebook | Easy way to earn money from Facebook | Best affiliate marketing tips 2020

Hello friends in this article i am going to share latest business ideas without investment. Now a days almost every peoples are using social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. But do you know that you can easily earn money from these social networks? Most of the peoples are seriously searching for these topics

How to earn from Facebook? 
How i can make money from Facebook?

Yes, you can easily earn money from Facebook, Instagram, Twitters. I am sharing latest ideas about earning from Facebook.

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What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook marketing is another form of affiliate marketing in which marketers promote products on Facebook. 2 billion of peoples surfing Facebook monthly. 

Facebook is a huge platform in all over the world. Billion of peoples are using Facebook on regular basis. And you can easily connect with lots of peoples using this Social Media platform. 
So why not use this platform to make money. Let's start how to make money from Facebook. 

This idea is suitable for all peoples those are using Facebook on daily basis. You can easily start Facebook marketing by creating promotional posts. No prior experience and qualification required. 

Skill Required:

  1. Ability to create attractive and detailed Facebook posts with attractive images. 
  2. Ability to promote your page on Facebook and also among Facebook groups. 
  3. Ability to persuade people with proper and genuine reasons. 
  4. Ability to write attractive title of the Post. 


  1. Pick a good topic or niche which you are going to publish or promote. 
  2. Create a Facebook profile or you can use your own profile to login on Facebook. 
  3. Create a Facebook page on the choose topic or niche.
  4. Design and upload proper and attractive page icons and wall banner. 
  5. Start promoting your page by inviting your friends and also by joining other groups of the similar topic or niche. You need to build up your expertise on Facebook by sharing a string of excellent posts – interesting links, images, and updates. To really succeed as an individual you should build up an area of interest where you can become recognised as an expert.
  6. Join genuine Affiliate network of the similar topic or niche you choose for Facebook page. Various affiliate networks are given below. Please go through them. Join them. 
  7. Promote Affiliate link at your Facebook page. 
  8. Search premium sponsors for your Facebook page of the similar topic or niche. Promote their products at your page. 

Note: You can use premium Facebook ads to get more users initially. This is the best and quicker method to get more viewers or followers at your Facebook page. More users you will get more earning will come. 

How to Monetise?

  1. Get more peoples to visit your Facebook Page. 
  2. Start promoting any affiliate products relevant to the Facebook page's topic or niche. 
  3. As more peoples will start buying using your affiliate networks as much earning you will get. 

If you have lots of followers, likes at your Facebook page means whenever you will submit or post any article or posts or affiliate links at your Facebook page you will get automatic responses from peoples as they will get notifications from Facebook. 
Let's assume you are promoting a product which is giving commission or $10 per sale. And if you have 1 lac followers or like at your page so almost 1 lac users are viewing you posts. lets see 1% of the users are buying that products from your given link means 
1000 peoples are purchasing so your earning would be 
1000 * 10 = $10000 per posts. 

So if you are communicating with users by promoting affiliate links then you can easily make $10000 a week. 


  1. Please do not spam users by promoting lots of advertisements.
  2. Do not try to promote fake or invalid links 
  3. Try to convince peoples by posting attractive and genuine details.
  4. Join more and more groups of the similar topic or niche.
  5. Start Promoting through Facebook ads for initial users. 
  6. Upload attractive images with descriptions in details daily.

So why you are waiting for. Start you Facebook from social media to earning platform. Make money from Facebook

Make money from Facebook | Easy way to earn money from Facebook | Best affiliate marketing tips 2020

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