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Now a days lots of peoples are searching for best business ideas without investment. If you are a student / Housewife / Retired / Jobless person and looking to start genuine and secure business ideas without investment then yes you have lots of options to make your dream comes true. In this article i am going to discuss how to make money online from home. I will explain each and every points to start a business without investment.

Business ideas without investment. Start your own profitable business from home.

In this article i will explain how you can use your interest and skills to make money by working at your spare time from home. Now a days internet has created a lot of endless opportunities for anyone who is ready to make use of internet properly and in a good way.

I am not about to sell you any product that will make you an overnight billionaire, rather i have put together an extensive relatively easy business ideas without investment peoples are making a living from.

So Business ideas without investment topic is Start your own Online Break-fast Order System.

Break-fast ordering system is one of the best business ideas without investment. Now a days peoples are busy with their scheduled lifestyle. they does not have much more time to make break-fast so they either go to outside to have something or just left their morning without having anything. So this could be one of the best business ideas without investment.

Break-fast Order System : Best Business ideas without investment

Basic Requirements : 

  • Idea about Break-fast products
  • One Phone Number
  • Brochure
  • Vehicle to deliver product
  • Good behaviour 
  • Smart looks with good professional cloths.
  • Polite talking personality
  • Capability to explain properly. 

How to start Online Break-fast Ordering System ?

  • Research your own market or ask your neighbour what they are preferring to have at break-fast. Note down all the foods, fruit, biscuit etc. 
  • Go to your nearest shopping centre or distributors and ask them to give price chart for those products. make a note and calculate your profit margin. 
  • Print final price list after getting price list from distributors or manufacturer. But you should keep in mind one thing that your margin profit should be in limit. 
  • Go to your neighbours or select any of your nearest compartment or complex and visit each and everyone and give them brief clear idea about your breakfast business idea. 
  • Explain them what you are going to provide and what benefit they would get benefited. 
  • Just give them your contact number and brochure and also if possible collect their phone numbers or mail id.
  • Then start your business. 

Look first consult with your nearest Distributors or manufacturer that you will re-sale their break-fast products on daily basis and you will pay back to them on daily. 

One thing you should kept in mind royalty and honesty required to start this business. If you are honest and maintaining good relationship with your Customers also with your distributor / manufacturer then you could easily get success. 

Profit Margin :

  • Look if you just make Rs.2 /- profit per product then if you get only 100 orders a day which include at least 300 products so on an average you could earn Rs. 600 /- Per day. 
  • So Monthly minimum earning would be Rs. 600 * 30 = 18000 /- 
So you can earn easily 18000 per months by doing this business. If you can visit at least 500 homes or apartments and provide them good service, then automatically your business will be grown faster than your imagination. Peoples will refer to others if they are satisfied with your service and products. 

To Do List : 

  • Always make polite appearance with smily face.
  • Talk smartly with clear vision.
  • Always provide good quality products.
  • Profit margin should be very low initially.
  • Always ask them feedbacks.
  • Never get late to deliver. always deliver before timing. 

If you are following those rules and making smart appearance then this would be the best business ideas without investment. You maximum investment could be 1000 i hope that is affordable for anyone now a days. So friends if you are seriously looking for best business ideas without investment then start Break-fast ordering system. 

In future you can launch your own Website and Mobile apps. It will be more attractive to the customers so that they can easily make orders from home. 

For Mobile App / Website at lowest budget  I am giving reference no for app creation they will create at very low cost. Ph or WhatsApp = 9123355250 (WhatsApp)

So if you like my article please share with others and if you found anything wrong please write me in comment box so that i can solve that in future articles. 

Business Ideas Without Investment | Start own profitable business from home | Latest Ideas

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