Is Your Perfect Domain Taken? How to Choose the Best Domain Name?

You may trying to Coming up with an awesome domain name but it can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks when first setting up your blog. 

Looking back, I have spent so much time and wasted for finding a good website names that I could’ve spent on content writing. 

This Guideline for selecting attractive Domain Name will help you to save your valuable time. You will get valuable tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name. 

We use Domain name for addressing blog and website. Domain name is very important aspect to make a blog or website popular. Your blog name is incredibly essential at the beginning stage to start blogging with suitable name. 

Is Your Perfect Domain Taken? How to Choose the Best Domain Name?

People identify a blog by the domain name. So if you can choose attractive and appropriate domain name then your blog will able to make positive impression among visitors. As well as your blog visitors can remember your site name easily. 

If we see to the most popular 3 blogging platform: 

Both are providing free domain name, but those are hosted domain name. They tag their name after your domain name like below: 

Many Blogger, after creating their blog, do not like those tag word blogspot or wordpress after the end of their domain name. Instead of hosted domain name, everyone wants to personalize and brand their blog with the domain name only. Example: 
  • or .net etc. 
Here .com and .net called domain suffix. 

You will see there are billions of blog in online world but visitors are unable to remember the blog name. Even you can’t remember more than ten domain name and their spelling correctly. 

This is happening when your blog name is not easy to remember, or not similar to your niche or used unfamiliar words in blog name. 

So before selecting a blog name you have to consider those things. 

10 tips for choosing the perfect domain name 

There are some domain name selection tips that can help you to choose right domain name for your next blog. 
  1. Domain name should be short 
  2. Use familiar words in Domain name 
  3. Select domain name according to your niche 
  4. Choose domain name which is memorable 
  5. Domain name should easy to pronounce 
  6. Avoid numbers and hyphens and easy to spell 
  7. Not too similar to competing domain names 
  8. Not a violation of someone else’s trademark 
  9. Use an appropriate domain name extension. 
  10. Domain name for targeting your area 

1. Domain name should be short 

Why you should select short domain name? 

The positive side of choosing short name is easily to remember and it can make good impression in visitors mind. 

Among billions of blog, there are many options for visitors. Blog readers would love visit those blog whose domain name is short and simple. 

Let’s have a look at a travel blog’s domain name: 
This domain name is very short and simple. And travel blog visitors easily understand what the site is about. 

Even they have used .com suffix instead of .travel but still easy to understand and remember. 

Conversely using long domain name hard to remember for visitors and they may forget your domain name if they don’t bookmark your site. 

2. Use familiar words in Domain name 

This is very important to select familiar word in domain name. 

Some people use unfamiliar word in domain which is not pronounceable by visitors. As a result, there are fewer possibilities to get returning visitors. 

In case of familiar words, still you can use long domain name, because you are using familiar word so, visitors can easily remember. 

For example: 
This is long domain name but easy to remember. But you won’t find a good domain name vacant. 

3. Select domain name according to your niche 

There are many domain names, which are not related to their blog niche. 

I can give you an example about my friend’s blog site. His blog name is 
Where in the first impression visitors may think this is a software related site. But this site is providing blogging tips and tech related articles, which is not matching to his niche. 

So if your blog is tech related then choose tech basis name and if blog related then you should select blog base name. 

For example: 
Omni view tech this is a tech product related website which has perfectly match with their niche. 

4. Choose domain name which is easy to memorize 

There are millions of domain names from same niches. So to compete with your competitor you must you should select a catchy and memorable domain name. 

Once you come up with easily memorable domain name then there are many possibilities to get returning visitors directly. 

If you select a blog name which tough to memorize then few people will able to make search query by your domain name. Even your blog containing many good contents but first time visitors may unable to remember your blog name to revisit your site. 

5. Domain name should easy to pronounce 

In case of selecting a domain name you must conscious about pronunciation. 

Some blogger select domain name by their local language which is not easy to understand by foreign people and they can't pronounce the name. As a result, visitors from other county many forget your domain name. 

So you should not select a domain name which can’t be pronounceable by others. 

6. Avoid numbers and hyphens and easy to spell 

Spelling is another biggest factor for choosing right domain name. For spelling mistake instead of visiting your website visitors may land to another website. 

This is happening to those domains that contains numbers and hyphens in domain name. So you should avoid using numbers and hyphens that makes domain name complicated. 

Suppose my domain name is 
Then nobody can remember the spelling, even though used simple words but hard to remember for numbers and hyphens on domain name. 

So keep this in your mind never ever use complex thing in your domain name. 

7. Not too similar to competing domain names 

Many blogger register similar blog name because they found that blog is very popular. But ultimately they will lose the visitors. 

In 2018, I have found a blog names similar to my domain name. And sharing tech, blogging tips, PC tips, android and so on. 
But after running few months this blog has been shutdown. Probably that clone domain name didn’t able to attract visitors. And for following broad niche this site unable to pull visitors. 

So we should avoid registering similar domain name. 

Let’s have a look similar blog name example: 
Though spelling is different but pronunciation is almost similar. For this reason, visitors easily become confuse and skip that blog. 

8. Not a violation of someone else’s trademark 

Trademark is very sensitive factor in case of domain selection. If your domain is similar to popular domain then you may get penalty. So don't violate someone's copyright. 

Not a violation of someone else’s trademark

Generally people violate this kind of name by adding an extra character within existing one. Such as- 
  • Original domain name - 
  • Violating domain name -
This is happening in case of national or international biggest domain site. Using this types of trademarked and copyrighted domain name could result huge legal action, even your domain may get banned or take away by the domain registrar. 

9. Use an appropriate domain name extension. 

A domain suffix refers to the last part of your domain name. 

For example, 

The “.com” domain suffix was preferred and this suffix most commonly used and it gives a more influential impression than less widely used domain suffixes. 

The “.net” domain suffix is likely second in popularity and derived from Internet infrastructure sites. 

The “.org,”, “.gov,” and “.edu” suffixes are also popular domains, where “.org” is commonly used for non-profit organizations; 

.gov domain suffix only suitable for government office; and .edu domain suffix widely used for educational facilities, universities, or programs. 

You must use appropriate suffix, thus use can easily understand about your domain. Here are some facts about commonly used domain suffix: 

  • .com: Most popular for commercial company, and community. 
  • .org: commonly used for non-profit and non-commercial organizations 
  • .co : an short form for company, commerce, and community. 
  • .info : This is suitable for informational sites. 
  • .net : technical, Internet infrastructure sites. 
  • .biz : business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites. 
  • .photography: for photography site, mostly used by photographer 
  • .me : blogs, resumes or personal sites. 

There are also other suffixes:
  • .aero 
  • .asia 
  • .coop 
  • .eu 
  • .travel 
  • .pro 
  • .mob 
  • .tv 
  • .cat 
  • .jobs 
  • .tel 
  • .nyc 
  • .guru 
And more recently .xxx etc. 

10. Domain name for targeting your area 

If you are planning to target audience from specific geographical location or any local area then you should choose domain name that target specific area. 

For targeting a geographic location or specific country domain suffix can be use like below: 
  • .au : This suffix used for Australia. 
  • .us : This suffix used for United State of America. 
  • .bd : This suffix used for Bangladesh. 
  • .in : This suffix used for India. 
  • .br : This suffix used for Brazil. 
Local business owner, consider including city or state in their domain name to make it easy for local customers to find and remember. Example: 
But not you can use more isolated way to address your local business. You can use domain suffix like 
  • .boston 
  • .vegas 
This domain suffixes are likely to find a local business. 

Pro Tricks to Search and Find A New Domain Name 

There are some different ways you can use to search and find your desire domain name. These pro tricks can solve your problem easily. 

But first of all you have to go through domain name provider site where you can purchase domain for checking which domain name is available. 

Your desired domain name may not available or already purchased by other people. 

I am giving you few tip that how you can pick perfect domain name even it has already sold. 

Suppose you want to start a blog with blogging tips and tutorial related topics, and then follow the simple method from below: 
  • Blogger + Familiar word 
  • Familiar word + Blog 
  • Familiar word + Tech 

If your desire name has already booked then add an extra word at the beginning or end of your domain name. 

  • Word + Blogger + Familiar word 
  • Familiar word + Blog + Word 
  • Familiar word + Tech + Word 


You can also buy a domain similar to a popular domain name but by using different domain suffix. 

Suppose here .com has booked so keep the same name and go for- 
Beside of this you can obtain a popular domain by adding a national suffix. 

For example in case of Bangladesh domain suffix would be .bd and it will be look like below address: 
So if you want to buy a domain with geographical suffix then your domain name will come with geo suffix. Similarly for American suffix it would be like below: 
Here .us indicates that this is an American domain. 

Same as Pakistani domain suffix .pk 

Indian domain suffix .in etc. 

Beside of this you can obtain the same blog name by adding hyphens ( - ) between blog name, but this is not recommended. 

A Pakistan based popular blog’s domain name is and an Indian blogger already clone that domain by using hyphens- 
So I hope you will now able to choose your preferred domain name. And remember that the minimum 4 characters you can use in domain name. 

If you have some unique domain name ideas then try to keep it short that can be easily recall. 

From my point of view, 

Choosing unique domain name is better than copying or cloning others domain name, because unique domain grow quickly. And original domain name always get priority in search engine and visitors. 

Wrap it up 

This elaborate guideline definitely helps you to choose your desire domain name. 

Generally Domain names sell quickly, so as soon as you get the domain name idea, register it with a domain name provider. 

If you don’t get your desire domain name then most of the domain name provider will suggest alternate names during your domain search. 

the domain name provider will suggest alternate names during your domain search.

In addition, suggest similar domain name with different domain suffix to help you find the perfect domain name. 

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