Best online earning apps in india-make money online

Online earning apps in India

Hello friends, In this article, I will tell you about some such application from which you can earn money.

Best online earning apps in india, make money online
Best online earning apps in India

Now a days every people want to earn money online. And since the Internet has started to use more people are engaged in thinking about how to earn money from the internet. And it is obvious that everyone wants to earn money from the internet.

It is not difficult task to earn money online through internet. It is easy and everybody can earn money trough internet. From children to 60-70 years people can earn money from the Internet.

If you have an Android phone then you can do it.
There are many websites are available that provides online work. Some of them websites are 100℅ real and some of them are fraud websites. Similar thing is applicable on the application too. And does not give money to you.

But here, I will tell you about 5 apps that pay money to you and you can earn more money from there. These applications will not make you rich but you can earn money 100℅ from these applications. So let's get start.

to use this apps make sure you have paytm account. if you don't have paytm account or how to use paytm read this,

how to use paytm in hindi

Top 5 online earning apps.

Online earning game apps.

1. MPL

MPL is a very good application. Many people are making thousands of money from this application.

And in this application, you can withdraw your earned money through Paytm, Bank Transfer and UPI Transfer.

Best online earning apps in india, online earning apps in india
MPL- make money online

Many kind of games are available in this one application. More than 20 games are available in this application. Where you can earn money by playing these games. And also you can earn money by referring your friends.

And in this application you can make or create your cricket team and If your team wins, then you get the money and you can withdraw your money easily. Minimum payout of this application is RS.10.
And in this app you can also earn a few points by spin wheel daily and by using these points you can play game and earn money.

Thus application is available on play store and app store. This application has million of downloads you can check it on play store.

2. Dream 11

Dream 11 is a online app where you can earn money by playing cricket. This app is like MPL. You can earn money by building your own cricket team here too like MPL. And you can withdraw your earning in Paytm or bank.

This app gives you more money compare to MPL.

3. Foap- online photo selling app.

In this app you can earn money by selling any types of photo. And now you might have a question. And this question is how i can make money by selling photos? As you all know it is a band to have a copyright photo on the website. The owner of this application has also a website where they sell photos without copyright. And people buying photos from there for his website uses. So it is not a fraud but it is a one type of business.

Best online earning apps in india, online earn game apps
Foap- online earning apps

You can withdraw your earnings by PayPal. For withdraw money from this app you must have a PayPal account.

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4. Roposo

If you like watch videos then this app is for you. And you can also earn money by uploading videos as well as watching videos.

Best online earning apps in india, online earn money apps in india
Roposo- online earn money app

In this application you can earn money as well as watch comedy videos. This App is like Tik-Tok But it is a little different. And you can withdraw your money through Paytm easily. In this app you will get some tasks and earn rewards by completing those tasks.

5. Paytm.

Friends Paytm is an online earning app also. Paytm gives you facilities like online transactions and also gives you a chance to earn money together. When you are logged into your paytm account, you get a game option in the sidebar. Where you can earn some coins by playing free games and by using these coins you can play more games and more money.

Along with it, there is a option named Gold in Paytm. By using that option you can earn money. And money will be deposited directly in your petty wallet.

The above 5 applications are available in the Play Store and App Store.

If you do not have a Paytm or PayPal account, then you make Paytm and PayPal account first. Without that you can not withdraw your money from any game. There are some applications that deposit money directly in your ban account but some applications transfer your earned money to PayPal or paytm account only.

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