Computer unknown facts- do you know about it

Computer unknown facts:-

Hello friends,  you are welcome today in this new article. Today I will discuss about some related facts of computer. That you should know about. So to learn about unknown facts of computer you have to read this article fully. So let's get start.

Computer unknown facts, computer inovation
Computer unknown facts

 Friends, who do not know about computers nowadays? Everyone knows about. And we use computer. So here we will discuss about computer and its innovation and also the parts of computer like hard-disk, pen drive, mouse etc.. and its innovation.

First pen drive,

You know about that  Charles Babbage is called the father of computer. Nowadays you see 32GB or 64GB pen drive in small size.  But did you know how big the first pen drive was? The size of the world's first pen drive(IBM 11, 13) was as big as a washing machine. And it was invented by IBM. And the capacity to store data of this pan drive was only 5MB. 

Computer unknown facts, first pendrive
First pendrive

 And you know what is the capacity of pen drive nowadays. Now that you are using Windows in your computer, it was Microsoft's project. When this project was about to begin, then the name of this project was named Interface Manager. But after that the name of this project was named Windows Suitable. 

Otherwise, the name of the operating system you are using may be the interface manager. What a nice name " interface manager". Please tell us in the comment box that how you feel about this name.

Our smart phone is also a computer and it is a mini computer. That is amazing.

First hard-disk,

The world's first hard-disk was invented by IBM and the capacity of this hard-disk was only 1 GB. And that hard disk was worth millions. It was very costly. IBM's first computer built by IBM's 12  engineers. And the name of that computer was the dirty dozen.

The world's first micro-processor was made by Intel company. And that microprocessor was just made for calculator not computer. But later Intel company updated that processor. And later that processor started using in the computer. And now Intel company keeps trying to make their processors smaller.

Computer is a sea of information and general knowledge. Now a days when we require the information about any topic, simply we search it on the internet and get the information about that topic. Computer is an amazing gadget in the world. 

9 of the 10 supercomputers work on the Linux operating system. Because there are no viruses in the Linux operating system mostly.  Yo do not think you should use Linux too.

The world's first web browser was built in 1980. And it was made by Certain burner lee. Whose name was World Wide Web, later changed its name to Nexes.

Computer unknown facts, world's first web browser
World's first web browser

Do you know who made the world's first mouse? The world's first mouse was created by the Dogles. Who was a computer engineer. And that mouse was made entirely of wood, leaving the wire. Nowadays all of you know about the mouse.

Do you know how much long word you can type in the keyboard by using only one row and which word you can write? So you can write the long word "TYPEWRITER" only by using only one row.

The world's first computer size was as large as a room and the weight of that computer was 50 tons. So you can get an idea of how big the world's first computer was.

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So friends were some facts related to computer and technology that you should know about. If this article is helpful to you then share this blog post with your friends and if you are interested to learn about computer, technology, social media tips and tricks, blogging then you can follow this blog. Thank you.

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