Gmail settings-secure your Gmail account now

Gmail settings- secure your Gmail account:-

How to secure your Gmail account.

Gmail settings- secure your Gmail account, How to secure your gmail account from hackers.
Gmail setting- secure your gmail account

Hello friends, today I am going to show you about important settings in gmail and also I will tell you that how to secure your Gmail account.

Friends who do not use gmail nowadays You use gmail, I use it, that means all users are using gmail.
Anyone who wants to send an email or receive an email uses Gmail.

Gmail is free popular email service. And this service is provided by google. And there are some important settings in Gmail which you may hardly know about. So in this article i will tell you about some of the gmail settings. Which you must use. So you read this article completely and do not miss any step. 

Most important gmail settings:-

1. Security alerts:-

This setting is very very useful to protect your gmail account and you must use this setting. If your friend  or someone tries to access  your Gmail account or tries to crack your Gmail account password then you will get message immediately.

Whenever someone tries to do this you will get message, if you have activated this setting. You will also know what device that person is using, from which place is messing up on your Gmail account. So you must use this setting if you want to secure your Gmail account.

Steps to activate security alert settings:-

  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • Then click on my account in the top-right corner.
  • After that click on "sign-in & security".
  • Simply scroll down and find the option " security alerts setting".
  • Then after find that option click on it( manage setting).
  • Then tick right on your gmail id or phone number.
  • After that click on "DONE".
And then your security alerts setting will be activated in your Gmail account.

2. Recovery Email:-

Many people make their Gmail accounts but they do not submit recovery email. If you forget your Gmail account password then you can not easily reset that password. If you have activated the recovery email settings, then you can easily reset your Gmail account password. You must use this setting.

Steps to activate recovery email setting:-

  • Login to your gmail account and click on my account.
  • Tap on "sign-in & security".
  • Simply scroll down and try to find " Recovery email setting".
  • After that click on that setting and enter your recovery email means any other gmail address.
  • And then click on "ADD RECOVERY EMAIL".

  3. Two step verification:-

Using this setting, you can further secure your Gmail account. And this setting is very important.

Suppose your friend has both your Gmail ID and the Gmail ID password. And he/she will try to log in with your Gmail ID in another device or computer. If you do not want this, then you have to activate this setting.

Steps to activate Two step verification setting:-

  • Again login to your Gmail account and tap on my account.
  • And then click on " sign-in & security".
  • Scroll down and click on two step verification setting.
  • After that click on get started and enter your gmail account password.
  • After that enter your mobile number.
  • Then click on NEXT and simply verify your mobile number.

After activated this setting any other person can not login to your Gmail account because for login to your gmail account he/she needs to enter 6 digit OTP. Which you will have. So he/she can not login to your Gmail account.

4. Remove unwanted apps:-

When you download any game or app and you have to sign up with your email ID for using that app. And some permissions have to be allow to that app or game. And even when you stop using that app, your Gmail ID is still stored on that app. So you have to delete it.

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Steps to activate Remove unwanted apps setting:-

  • Go to your gmail account and click on sign-in & security.
  • After that tap on " connected apps and sites" in the left sidebar.
  • Then click on manage apps.
  • Where you will see all the apps where you have signed in with your Gmail Account.
  • And click on these apps that you want to remove your Gmail id in these apps.
So friends had a few important settings related to Gmail. If you have not yet activated these settings in your Gmail account, then you must activate these settings in your Gmail account today.

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