How to get traffic on my blog for free using social media

How to get traffic on my blog for free using social media:-

By using social media  platforms you can get high quality traffic for your website or blog. Increase your website traffic by social media.

Hello friends, in this article i will tell you that how you can get more traffic by using social media platforms. And also how to use it in proper way. So you read this article completely.

Nowadays every internet user uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whats App, Quora, Pinterest etc..
By using these platforms you can get more traffic to your website or blog. According to a survey, the maximum use of internet is on social media only. Every internet user uses social media several times in a day. For this reason we can get traffic from social media. 

Many social apps or websites are available on the internet.

Social media platforms.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Hangout
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Quora( Q & A platform)
So here I will tell you about some social platform from where you can get traffic to your website.

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How to get traffic from social media.

1. Facebook:-

How to get traffic from Facebook?  Everybody uses Facebook and Facebook is the third largest most popular website or app in the world. 

In Facebook, people share their photos, videos and their stories.  If you want to get traffic from Facebook then you have to share your website link on Facebook as well. 

How to get traffic on my blog for free by Facebook
How to get traffic from Facebook

On Facebook,share your website link two or three times in a day. If you share only blog posts links on Facebook, your Facebook account may be blocked. And if you want to get more traffic then you can create your own Facebook page. And you can also share your blog post's link on your Facebook page.

And you can also run your website's Ads on Facebook, but you have to pay for it. You should create more and more friends on Facebook. Because if you have more friends then more people will visit your website. And besides, you can get traffic on your website by joining a related group from your website on Facebook.

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2. Quora ( Q & A platform):-

Friends, is the most popular website. is the questions and answers type platform. Where people ask questions and answer the question.

How to get traffic on my blog for free using social media
How to get traffic from quora

How to get traffic from quora.

To get traffic from quora you first need to create an account on quora. And after that you should ask some questions and give some question's answers. 

You can find the question that relates to your website quora and answer that question and in that answer you can insert a link of your website. And whenever someone will read your answer and she/he want to know more about it, then 100%  he/she will visit your website.

But remember you can not write an answers by copying someone else's answer on quora. If you do this then your account may be blocked and that too too quickly. Once my account was also blocked. 

Quora is the most used in united states. And from quora you can get foreign visitors.

3. Instagram:-

Like Facebook, Instagram is also a huge social platform. And from here also you can get lots of traffic for your website. You can share your website's link on Instagram. 

How to get traffic on my blog for free using social media
Get traffic from Instagram

Also you can create your business account on Instagram and get more traffic.

4. Pinterest:-

Pinterest is a very large social media platform, and most uses of pinterest are in the United States, Russia and European countries.

You must first create your account on pinterest. And later you can make your board in your account. And on that board you can share your blog post.

How to get free traffic on your blog
Get free traffic from pinterest

Like Facebook or Instagram people follow each other even in pinterest. But here is something different. if you have 50000 subscribers on YouTube, but you can get only 10000-15000 views. But if you have only 500 subscribers on Pintrest, you will get views in thousands.

And on pinterest, you only have to share the link to your blog post.

5. Telegram:-

Telegram is a one type of messenger app like Whatsapp. As you all know, there is only 250-300 members can join in 1 group in WhatsApp, but on a Telegram there may be unlimited members can joining in a group.

How to get traffic on my blog for free using social media
Get free traffic from telegram

You can join those groups whose related to your website or blog. And you can share your blog post's link. You do not share more links on Telegram. And also you can create your channel on telegram. 

You can get the maximum traffic to your website using the social media platforms above. If you have any queries then you can ask it in the comment. If you like this blog post then please do comment. If you want to know more about technical tips and tricks then you can follow this blog. Thank you.

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