On page SEO and off page SEO complete guideline

On page seo and off page seo

Hello friends today I am going to show you about on page seo and off page seo. 

On page seo and off page seo both are very important for your website and blog. If you do your website on page seo and and off page seo well your website will rank quickly in Google. Google changes his algorithms many times in the week  So you have to be updated with Google's algorithms every day. It is very very important think in seo.

On page seo and off page seo
On page seo and off page seo

If any of your articles have risen to the first page of Google, it will not be late to go to the second or third page. That's why you have to work with Google's algorithms if you want to that your blog post or article stay permanently on the first page of Google.

It was very easy to do SEO of your website a few years ago. But now a days it is very difficult to rank your website in google Because now the competition is increased in this field so it is very difficult task for every blogger.

So that's why you have to do SEO for your website perfectly. Friends do not have any hard work to do on page seo and off page seo of your website. It is easy to do.

When you write an article on your website or blog, you have to do this work together.

If you have not create blog then you can read,

On page seo

In on page seo you have to write your articles very well and make it user friendly and seo friendly. Use maximum words in your articles. if your articles are very long it is good for seo. And add Heading tags( H1,H2,H3,H4,H5 and H6) in your blog post or article.

In general the title of the blog post is called H1 heading tag.

On page seo and off page seo, on page seo checker
On page seo and off page seo

On page seo for blogger

Add the keywords that you are using in your article to the right place during the article. If your article is very lengthy then you have to add more keywords during the article.

Remember, use words in the proper place where some useful or meaningful sentences are made. Do not use your keywords anywhere during the article. Use high CPC keywords in your blog post.

Your main keyword is very important in the URL, in your blog post title and in search description. Write a little information about your article in search description So that people know what the article is about. Write the search description of your article, it is very important.

Put the label of your article it is very important factor. Use proper label for your article that related your article.

Then set proper URL for your article. In blogger.com the URL of your article is By default your title of your post. you must set it in the proper way. You have to use your main keyword in your blog post URL.

And do not use any numeric or special symbols in it. If your URL. if your main keyword is " on page seo and off page seo" then your URL should be something like this, "on-page-seo-and-off-page-seo". After every word it is necessary to put dash (-) in your URL.

If possible, write your article as long as. Google prefers long articles much more than short articles and quickly indexes it in search results. So if your article is very long then the chances of the article ranking is higher in Google search results.

On page seo checker

There are many types of on page seo checker tools are available.
And here i am shows you some of these. And those tools not only check on page seo but also check your seo ranking, you can find best keywords for your article, back links checker and many more.

  • ahref too ( Paid tool but useful)
  • Semrush tool ( paid tool)
  • Small seo tools (free tool)
  • Keyword anywhere (for keyword finding).
  • Ubersuggest ( free and also find keywords and backlinks checker).
  • KWfinder (keywords research).

Off page seo

Off page seo like on page seo is also very important for every website. I had already said that on page SEO and off page SEO both are very very important for website or blog.

Off page SEO includes many other seo techniques like backlinks, alt tags, image optimization etc.. user can't see it but in case of in page SEO user can see it.

Off page seo for blogger

In off page SEO first of all you need optimize your blog post images that you have been included in your article. In image optimization you must add the title of image and also you must add ALT tags of image. In the title of image you can write your blog post title and in alt tags you can write about your image means actually this image is what about.

And also you must add captions of your image and in it you may write blog post name. That is very important. You know about that whenever we search in google search engine, Google also provides images those are related to your keywords. If anybody click on that image he/she redirects into your website. In short mage optimization is very very important in off page SEO.

And most important part is that you must create quality backlinks for your website or blog that improve your site ranking on Google. If your blog URL placed in other website and the ranking of that website is high then google automatically rank your website. This technique is worked according to google's algorithms. I had already said that you should be updated with google's algorithms.

So friends i hope that you will know everything about on page seo and off page seo, on page seo techniques, on page seo for blogger etc.

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On page seo and off page seo, on page seo for blogger



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