How many types of websites are exist- do you know?

There are many websites are present on the internet and each website has its goal and targeted users. Basically there are many types of websites. We will discuss all the types of websites in this article.

In this article we will learn the different types of websites and also we will see the difference between those websites. So read this article fully. So let's get start.

How many types of websites
Types of websites

The collection of pages is known as website. A website contains information, images, videos, audios and much more. Websites are made with the help of programming languages. 
Every website has its own name which is known as domain or URL. Such as We can access websites with the help of a browser. Such as a Chrome, Firefox, safary, mozila etc.

Each website has its target users. When you create a website, you first think what kind of people will use my website and why people will use my website. And what information or services will those people get from my website. Do you think about all these when you create a website. So let's know how many types of websites are there.

How many types of websites:-

1. Static websites:-

Now you have question that what is static website?  A static website consists mostly of a single web page. This is a basic website. Content and information in this type of website does not change frequently. 
Such websites are for information purposes only. 
If You create your own personal website that contains information about you such as what is your name, address, email id, mobile number, hobbies etc then it is known as a static website.

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2. Dynamic websites:-

What is dynamic websites? Dynamic websites can be of different types. Such as a social media websites, e-commerce websites etc. The content of dynamic websites change frequently. And the information in the dynamic website is updated regularly. Ex. Facebook.

When you login to your Facebook account, you get your information. Such as your name, email, address, friend list, photos, videos etc. Someone else can't see your information. And when your friend logs into his Facebook account, he gets his information such as his name, his friend list and his photos etc. You can't see your friend's information.

Means in dynamic websites the design remain same but the information will changes according to the user.

In dynamic websites, you get different information on the same page and it changes regularly. 

Another example of dynamic website is when you log in to your Amazon account you will see the list of products according to your past activities and search histories. And your friend will see different types of products in his amazon account.

There are database in dynamic websites. And your information is stored in the database. Where as in static website there is no database.

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3. Personal presentation website:-

It is a kind of individual or personal website. If you are a fashion designer or photographer then you can create your personal presentation website where you can give the information about you and your job etc. And you can give your services to your website's visitors and expand your business.

In simple words, the website of what is your work etc. The goal of this type of website is personal promotion and personal branding.

4. Corporate websites:-

A corporate website is similar to a personal presentation website. Most companies create such a website to provide their service. Targeted users of this type of website are the clients of that company. Where you can get to know how the company works and what kind of benefits you can get. 

A corporate website can also be a dynamic website which may have different sections and information. 

5. Sharing websites:-

Sharing websites are also known as platforms. Where you can share your content. Such as a social media platform. Where you can share your photos, videos etc. 
 Ex. Forum websites. In this type of websites you can get more information of your doubts and questions.

6. Educational websites:-

You may have to know that what is an educational website? The goal of this type of websites is to share knowledge and education to the students and everybody. You can do any course by visiting this type of websites. 

Educational website is also known as online informative platforms. Where you can learn different type of courses and many more that are useful for you.

Ex. is a educational website. where you can learn programming languages.

7. Directory websites:-

You get many types of information in the directory website. There are many types of categories. You can get information by choosing related category if the category available. Such as a list of companies in your area etc. 

There are many other types of websites are available on the internet. Such as a blog website, social website, news website.

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