Most useful programming languages to learn web development

Everybody wants to success in his/her life and for that he/she tries his/her best to archive his/her dream.

Friends, today I am going to talk about 4 such programming languages, which you can learn and become a web designer and web developer. When it comes to selecting programming languages, we have a lot of options and confusions. Such as which programming languages should i learn that benefit me or what are the most useful programming languages? And how to make a website. And you may have a question that how to become a web developer or web designer?

Most useful programming languages
Most useful programming languages

To remove this confusion, if you are searching on the internet, then you have come to the right place. Read this article till the end so that all your doubts are cleared.

Most useful programming languages:-

1. HTML:-

the full form of HTML is hyper text mark-up language.

What is use of html? So friends html is used for creating a structure of a website. Html is a most useful programming language in web designing. If you want to become a web designer or web developer then you must learn this language. Without html you cannot learn web designing.

There are many other languages ​​by which you can create a web page, but you should have to learn HTML. If you want to become a web designer then you should start with HTML.

The home pages or front pages in a website can be created with the help of html. This language is a user friendly and easy to learn. If you have not any idea or knowledge of programming, you can still learnt this language.

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2. CSS:-

Css stands for cascading style sheet.

What is the use s of css? Css is used for applying some style or designing to a web page. The layout of a website is created with the help of css. You can use this language inside the html file or you can create other css file and then link that file to a html file. After applying css your website will becomes interactive and beautiful. You will know everything when you learn this programming language.

Without CSS, you cannot give a good interface to a website. When someone visits your website, they should make your website look good. For that you have to use css. By using css you can includes images, videos, font style, colors in your website.

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Java script is a scripting language. Java script is another most useful programming language in web development.

 There are to types of scripting languages.
1. Client side scripting languages.
2. Server side scripting languages.

What is  use of Java script? To provide good appearance we use Java script. you have to apply some meaningful logic when you write code in java script. Such as mathematical calculation, looping etc. You can get output according to your logic that you have applied in your code of Java script.

This language is easy to learn compare to other scripting languages.

If you will learn HTML, CSS and JAVA SCRIPT then you can make complete website and also you are eligible for the post of web designer. These 3 languages are very important to make a website. 

4. PHP:-

php stands for personal home page. It is a one type of server side scripting language. It means whatever code we write in php it will exicutes in server side. We use this to take information of the database from the server.

There are many server side scripting languages but most of them php is used. And for making dynamic web pages we use php.

Apart from these four programming languages, there are many more programming languages by which you can create a website. For example python, go, Ruby etc. But you should starts with these four programming languages. if will learn these four programming languages then you will become a web developer or a web designer. 

If you don't know or if you don't want to learn programming languages and want to build a website then you can still make it. There are 2 most famous platform where you can make your own website.
1. Blogger
2. Wordpress

If you want to make a free website then read the below article where I explained that how to make a free website in blogger.

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So friends in this article we learned what programming languages we should learn to become a web developer and most useful programming languages for become a web developer. And also we discussed about the uses of html, css, java script and php.

If you still have any doubts then you can ask your doubts in the comment. If you like this post then share it to your friends and subscribe our blog for more information. Thank you.

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