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How to make money from Tiktok ( ? Easy way to earn money from Tiktok videos |

Hello friends. How are you all? I am back again after a long time. Hope you have enjoyed my last articles and earning from business ideas without investment.
Today i am going to discuss about new ideas to earn smart money by showing your talents. Now a days most of the people in India using most popular app Tiktok formarly know as and enjoying latest entertaining videos. But most of the people not aware of its benefits and earning options.
In my previous post few of peoples asked me about
How can i make money from tiktok video?
How to earn money from tiktok videos?
How to make money on ( tiktok)?

how to make money from tiktok (

So here friends i am going to give you clear ideas to earn money from tiktok videos.

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So What is or Tiktok ? or tiktok is a platform where user can create own videos of duration limit up to 15 second. You can create own videos and share it among all social medias to get more likes, loves. or tiktok making huge money from this platform,, there daily earning approx $35000. Now a days its the most popular application.
You just need to download this application from Google Play Store (Download Now) and sign up if you are a new user. Sign In and start searching music clips to upload or create own video or you can use your own clips from your phone or device.

How to record a video on Tiktok ( ?

So friends if you are serious to make money from tiktok videos then you have to follow all the rules properly to create a video so that you can make money from tiktok.
Here are the steps :

  • A Yellow button will be there at the middle of the screen while you open the application to record videos. 
  • Then you will get the option to choose music clips, after selecting a clip it will automatically start, then you just have to start recording your own video as per clips. Or you can use your own clips also from you device. 
  • Its also possible to shoot your video by retaining sound intact or you can also add music after completing your video shoot. 
  • Search all features of application before starting a video shoot. There have lots of features and options to shoot a video. 
  • After shooting video share it on social medias to get more likes, loves, views. As much as you can share you will get views and likes. 
So friends simply you can make money from tiktok. No need to wonder how can make money from or tiktok. Just keep reading my blog. And please share it, like it. and subscribe it. 

How to make money on tiktok ( ?

Now i am going to discuss best part of this article how to make money on tiktok (
Tiktok is providing great opportunities to make money on tiktok platform. Its being a wonderful platform to make money on tiktok by just creating or uploading your entertaining videos, or video clips. 
so here are the options to make money on tiktok.

  1. Live Streaming : Tiktok or having brilliant option or features of live streaming. Its shares similarly with the other apps like Bigo live, Facecast, Liveme and many more. So that you can share own talent to make money on tiktok at real time. 
  2. Advertisers : One of the best options to make money on tiktok ( is advertisement. If you videos goes viral ( I will provide idea on next article how to make videos viral on tiktok ) then automatically advertiser will find you else you have the option to find out advertiser. Start advertising on your videos and make money.
  3. Promote your own products or services: If you are getting huge views on your videos then start promoting your own services or products at your own videos to make money on tiktok. 
  4. Upload videos on multiple platform : After creating your own videos start uploading your tiktok videos on multiple platform like Youtube and start making money. 
  5. Challenge Activity : Tiktok official arrange multiple challenge activity or competitions. Participate on them and make money on tiktok challenges. Its your choice whether to participate or not and winning prise may be a luck to. 
So these are the options to make money on tiktok ( Its totally depends on how much fans you could have. 

How to get fans or become famous in tiktok ( ?

Now its a popular question how to get famous in tiktok ( how to get more fans on tiktok ?
If you want to have more fans and want to be famous in tiktok then you must have to follow these steps-
  1. An attractive Name : You should always remember my friend that first impression is last impression. So choose a name that should be attractive and small to keep attraction of users. To get more traffic you must have an attractive name on tiktok. 
  2. Clear Information about you : On the profile you should have clear brief information about yourself. So that users can assume which type of videos you are going to upload. Peoples always wanna learn or know more about you. 
  3. Upload regular videos : You must have to upload videos on regular basis with the same type or different types of contents. So that other users can find you more. and also they would have a curiosity that you will upload more videos on that platform. 
  4. Interact with your fans : Always try to interact with your fans. Answer their queries, ask them about your videos etc. So that bonding between you and your fans become more powerful. 
  5. Delight your fans with Giveaways : Its the great idea to send small gifts to your fans so that they can appreciate you. As every one appreciate giveaways. 
  6. Follows popular celebrities : Start following famous celebrities so that peoples over their followers will start following you. 
So dear friends please follow those steps to make money on tiktok (
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Make money from Tiktok ( | Earn money from tiktok videos | Tiktok

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